Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Why Do You Want To Own A Keris?
Ask Yourself That Question First Before You Buy One.
Remember to buy a keris for its physical properties and beware of the illusive spiritual properties. Unless proven, DO NOT be Gullible and Believe without experiencing any paranormal situations.

Check the Age of the keris U R Buying, is it an Old or A Newly-Made keris?
Did it belong to any warriors and what's the proof?
How do U know if the Keris does have spiritual powers?

Follow Your Instincts When U Do Buy One.

Several Reasons Why People Want To Own A Keris:
For Its Spiritual Properties
For Power
For Protection
As A Practice Weapon In Martial Arts
As A Souvenir
As A Decor for the Home
As A Historical Property
As A Self-Expression Of Your Spiritual Being
To Satisfy Your Obsession As A Collector

What's Your Reason?

Are U Ready To Own A Keris Now?

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