Friday, March 4, 2011

Oils That Can Be Applied to the Blade of a Keris

Black Musk Oil (Minyak Misik Hitam) is one type of Oil which can be applied onto the blade of a keris that has been cleaned (*Please note: there is a set of procedures that you have to undergo in cleaning a keris before you start oiling the keris. The cleaning process is supposed to clear all the dirt off the keris).

Last January 2011, I bought a small bottle of about 3-5ml at RM25 from Mr Buyong (better known as Abang Buyong by the younger generation) at Central Market, Kuala Lumpur. Mr Buyong sells Kerises and Mystical items at his shop which is located on the first or second left row (I can't remember which row) as you enter the Central Market entrance from the CarPark. Mr Buyong (and his brothers and late father, Al-Fatihah) knew my late brother (the late Abdul Haq, Al-Fatihah) who had bought many kerises and items from his shop within the period from 1988 to 2004. I had asked for a bottle of Sandalwood Oil (Minyak Kayu Cendana) but he had run out of stock and Black Musk Oil (Minyak Misik Hitam) was an alternative.

Just this week I tried using the Black Musk Oil (Minyak Misik Hitam) and I experienced an Overpowering Aromatic Smell that lingered on for about a few hours inside an enclosed room.

From what I've read, the types of oils used for oiling a keris blade to protect and prevent it from rusting, do not damage the patterns (pamor), leave an aromatic scent and a shine, are: Minyak Rase, Sandalwood Oil (Minyak Kayu Cendana), Black Musk Oil (Minyak Misik Hitam), Ylang Ylang (Minyak Kenanga) and Jasmine (Minyak Melati). I must give these a try...How about You?

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